Visualise The Future of Beauty with Us

From Innovative Ideas to Realities.

Our Experts are responsible to formulate Your Product in the Safest and Best way Possible.
We specialise in Skincare, Decorative, Hair and Body Care, Mom and Baby Care, Oral and personal Care. Share your ideas with us and will help you develop your product.


Clinical Tested

At AIMSKINCARE, Our Scientist are responsible for Your Product Safety. We are certified with Indonesia Good Manufacturing Practice, HALAL, BPOM and CPKB.
We believe all formulations need to be clinically tested, to make sure that your product is safe and market ready.


Production Facilities

As a Leader in Indonesian Beauty OEM and ODM in Indonesia, AIMSKINCARE promise to give what’s best for your Product. Our automatic technology will provide high and fast production output for your products in every way possible especially for filling and mixing.

With our Automatic technology optimised for high output and speed, we are a one-stop solutions for all your filling needs. Our production teams are able to manufacture your innovative products in every way possible. We really can develop almost any skincare and beauty product. Share your ideas with us!


Quality Control

At AIMSKINCARE, we run 3 phase QC from raw material to finished goods to make sure that your products are safe, market ready and free from bacteria and fungus. Starting from Raw Materials, Work-in- Progress and Finish Goods Quality Control.