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The demand for Mom & Baby products in Indonesia is still quite high. Compared to other categories, Mom & Baby products have more promising opportunities. This is because there are still few competitors in presenting Mom & Baby products with the best quality which are more up-to-date.
PT. Aimskincare Manufacturing Indonesia guarantees the best product performance, from selecting raw materials to producing BPOM RI and Halal MUI & BPJPH-certified products.

Our Certification

Powered by various certificates and awards, PT. Aimskincare Manufacturing Indonesia guarantees products that are safe and Halal to use. This certainty is of course driven by the selection of natural raw materials, formulas, and processing methods that are international standards.

Information About
Mom & Baby Market

Indonesia occupies the 5th position as the country with the Birth Rate in Asia in 2022

Timor Leste
Brunai darusalam

Total fertillity rate (TFR)

* Sumber : World Population Prospects

Indonesian Population Purchasing Power according to

Brand Choice Awards for Mothers & Kids 2022

Antiseptic Bath
1,59jt sold
Baby Diapers
1,07jt sold
Baby Carrier
1,01jt sold
Baby Biscuits
956,40rb sold
Baby bath
837,82rb sold
Formula Milk 1-3 y.o
710,94rb sold
Formula Milk 4-6 y.o
448,45rb sold
Baby Powder
444,17rb sold
Baby Cologne
441,99rb sold

Oral Care Sales Data for 2018 and Opportunities for 2025

Mom & Baby

These are The Specials Selections that We Can Create For You

To protect and heal the baby’s skin due to redness in diaper rash.

Able to maintain elasticity, moisture, nourish and protect baby’s facial skin.

Products that can be used to soften various areas of the body so that they feel soft, smooth, supple, and healthy.

It can help relieve discomfort in a bloated stomach with a soothing sensation thereby improving the quality of the baby’s sleep.

As a baby skin conditioner and is also able to maintain the softness and health of the baby’s skin.

Soap that has a very fine texture (ultra-mild) so can clean the skin better without causing any effect on the baby’s skin.

Soap with good milk content to clean and nourish the skin so that it always looks healthy and fresh every day.

Lotion formulated to help baby’s hair grow thicker and healthier.

Usually used when massaging babies it also contains various vitamins that are safe and nourish baby’s skin which is still sensitive.

Protect baby’s skin from sunburn and can also moisturize the skin and avoid mosquito bites (if certain ingredients are added).

Able to protect the teeth and gums so that there is no premature damage to the inner mouth area so that the growth of teeth in children will be maximized and help in giving fresh breath to the baby.

Liquid soap and shampoo are formulated in one product so that it is more practical and safe to use for your little one. With natural ingredients, this product can be produced without pain in the eyes and is tested to be safe for baby’s skin and hair.

Toothpaste can prevent cavities, strengthen tooth enamel, and gums, and can eliminate bacteria in the mouth.

An effective mouthwash kills germs in the mouth and gives a fresh breath effect.

Toothpaste with a softer texture so it is safe to use on children with the best ingredients and a refreshing taste.

It can help to balance the skin color due to dilated skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Helps soothe sore or injured nipples instantly.

Skincare is formulated intensively using natural ingredients so it is safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Formulated to burn fat deposits, cellulite, and stretch marks by absorbing excess oil from outside the body.

Able to clean feminine area cleaners that are safe to use for pregnant and lactating women.

Clinically Saved for Mom & Baby Product!

PT. Aimskincare Manufacturing Indonesia guarantees the safety of using the best natural raw materials
by conducting various lab tests to produce the highest quality products.

Our Process

Easy and fast with PT. Aimskincare Manufacturing Indonesia

Creating the Concept

Developing the concept with R&D Team that is experienced to create the best product formula with concrete results for each of your products.

Formula Consultation

According to your choice with our R&D team, which is specifically focused on producing the best product from the selection of refined natural raw materials.

Providing Product Samples

After the formula has been perfectly completed, now is the time for our production team to create a sample that we will send to you.


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Get to know more about Mom & Baby Contract Manufacturing at PT. Aimskincare Manufacturing Indonesia
PT. Aimskincare Manufacturing Indonesia is a company engaged in the OEM and ODM business in Indonesia that already has various ISO 22716 and CPKB certificates. Hence, it ensures that it can produce products with excellent and leading end results.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is producing the final product based on the product design according to your wishes. In this case, you can independently conduct market research. Then, our R&D team will assist in manufacturing or production according to the results you provide during the market case.

ODM (Original Development & Design Manufacturing) is a 360 service by one service. This includes product planning, development, manufacturing systems, and product quality for rechecking the finished product.

PT. Aimskincare Manufacturing Indonesia provides services to manufacture products such as Essential Oil, Mom & Baby, Face Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Personal Care, Fragrance, Decorative, Oral Care, and Health Kits.

All of the above categories have been initiated with the best natural-raw ingredients and the latest laboratory tests to ensure that the products are good and safe to use.

The location of PT. Aimskincare Manufacturing Indonesia is located in the MM2100 Industrial Estate, Jl. Selayar Block B2-7, West Cikarang, Kab. Bekasi. 17530.

Yes, sure. Aimskincare will help you get safe and of the best quality products that have been tested by BPOM RI, Halal MUI, and other expert institutions for each category.

Basically, to produce the best product, the best material is also needed. At PT. Aimskincare Manufacturing Indonesia always implements a consulting process system to study concepts, process the best ingredients, send samples, and carry out various series of trials such as BPOM RI to Halal MUI to ensure product safety and goodness.
As a manufacturer with a variety of natural raw materials and packaging, we are able to produce the highest quality Mom & Baby products. One of them is Toothspray, Baby Calming Cream, Baby Rash Cream, Face Cream, Toothpaste, and Hair Lotion to Liquid Powder.
Yes, sure. Before ensuring that the product’s sold, we carry out various series of tests to ensure that the final product will have good ingredients as well as be safe and comfortable to use.
For the Mom & Baby category, PT. Aimskincare Manufacturing Indonesia is available in several packages. The form is liquid, foam, and paste to cream. All of the above shapes also can be made into a wide variety of end products. These are baby creams, liquid powders, toothpaste, toothspray lotions, and so on.

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