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In 2019, Lip Product remained to be the biggest contributor to the overall value sales of color cosmetics, it shows the strongest current value growth by far. Multinational and local brands continued to compete strongly in Color Cosmetic Product category, as it’s considered to be the easiest way to attract consumers and build consumer loyalty to a brand.

Eye Liner/ Pencil and Facial Make Up becomes the most popular and loved product under color cosmetics product category. AIMSKINCARE are here to fulfill your needs to produce Color cosmetics starting from Liquid Lip Crème, Lip Tint, Gel Lip Tint, Liquid Foundation, Liquid Eyeliner, Eyeliner Paste, and Mascara.

Product Category

Lip Tint / Cream is one of the most demanded color cosmetics across other product category. In Indonesia itself, both multinational and local, especially new brands has compete strongly under this product category. AIMSKINCARE are able to create Lip Tint in forms of Liquid and Gel with Value Added Ingredients (e.g with 7 Jeju Flowers, moisturizing ingredients, etc) as requested by Clients.

  • Matte
  • Glossy
  • Waterporf ( No Stain )
  • Liquid foundationis a liquid applied to face, usually used to cover flaws, create an even or uniform colour of skin and to change the skin colour tone. In addition, here in AIMSKINCARE, The foundations could also function as moisturizer, sunscreen, base colour for more complex cosmetics, and astringement.
  • Finishing:
  • Matte (Visual)
  • Satin (visual)
  • Dewy (visual)
  • Is an opaque liquid applied to the upper lash eye, usually comes in a small bottle with pointy tipped brush. The market demand remains constant and one of the most loved product across other Face decorative products. AIMSKINCARE are able to create both in Liquid and Paste Eye Liner.

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  • Is a Decorative cosmetic used to thicken or darken Eyelashes.
  • WaterProof, Oil proof,
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